With over three decades of personal injury tried and tested experience, Attorney Tony Castelli is not only a well respected member of the legal fraternity but has come to be recognized as an attorney of compassion, care and efficiency among the hundreds of clients that he has helped in truck, car and other related auto injury legal battles within the state of Ohio.

I found the law office of Anthony Castelli online using a popular search engine and I’m lucky I did. Tony has been up-front and honest about the expectations of my case. I received almost instantaneous responses to my emails and regular correspondence via snail mail with updates on my case. I received a partial settlement that I never would’ve known about without his guidance and hard work. I’m proud to recommend him to my family and friends. His level of service and commitment to my individual case has been superior in every way. I’m extremely grateful for his hard work and dedication. – Mark Schlotterbeck

Mark-John-CarusoI endorse this lawyer. Mr. Castelli has the experience to handle all types of personal injury claims. He is well respected in the legal community and appreciated by his clients. – Attorney Caruso

charles-rittgersAnthony Castelli is an excellent attorney who is dedicated to defending the rights of Ohio injury victims. Mr. Castelli’s dedication, knowledge, and skills result in favorable outcomes for his clients. I endorse Anthony without reservation. – Attorney Ritgers

michael-strongI endorse this lawyer. We co-authored a book that has now reached #1 bestseller status on Amazon.com, entitled “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, or What your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want you to Know Until its Too Late”. His knowledge of personal injury law and the practical methods of winning the most for his clients, as related in this book, shows that he is a fine attorney and knowledgeable about personal injury law. – Attorney Michael Strong

Richard-HastingsTony Castelli is a guy who walks the walk. He is compassionate, experienced and really cares about his clients. He is highly regarded by his peers and is a very capable lawyer. He is the type of attorney who will work hard for you and protect your interests. – Richard Hastings

Mr. Castelli’s kindness and compassion for our family during our case and trial was immeasurable. – K.K.

Jami Ferrell TestimonialTony is THE personal injury and car accident lawyer in Cincinnati for me. He’s the only lawyer in the entire state of Ohio that I know and would recommend to my friends and family if they were hurt and needed help. You want someone who is extremely smart, knows the law, and will fight as hard as he can for you. But even more important is choosing someone who has integrity and honesty. I’ve found Tony to have all these traits. If you’re injured and looking for an attorney to help, then do yourself a favor and make sure that calling Tony is the first thing you do. Talk with him and then compare him to other local lawyers. I think your decision on who to choose will be easy to make. – Jami Ferrell

Solomon Neuhardt reviewTony is an outstanding attorney and I only wish to be as good as he is someday. The magic and charisma he brings to any case is beyond reproach. A man like this should be president. – Solomon Neuhardt

Mr. Castelli did a very fine and professional job which kept me informed about my case and any questions I might have had. – M.M.G.

I had no worries once I met Anthony Castelli. I knew he would win my case. He is a very honest person and I respect that and he does an amazing job. I didn’t even have to appear in Court, he done it all for me. Thanks Anthony Castelli. – Shana A. Roach